Probate Administration

According to statute, a will must be properly drawn and its provisions regarding the disposition of the decedent’s assets must be followed. However, the closing of an estate’s affairs is not necessarily a smooth process.  At times, undue influence in the creation of a will can lead to one or more parties contesting the will, and accusations of malfeasance during the probate process can result in litigation.

HARK│YON│MARMOR, PLLC represents clients in estate planning, will contests, and estate litigation cases. Our firm, HARK│YON│MARMOR, PLLC, has a comprehensive understanding of these practice areas, and a record of success in estate and probate litigation cases.

Probate Administration is the method used in Florida for the transfer of a deceased person’s assets to his or her heirs, after the payment of funeral expenses, administration expenses, as well as taxes and claims of creditors. The law firm of HARK│YON│MARMOR, PLLC represents personal representatives and beneficiaries throughout the State of Florida in completing the probate administration of a decedent’s estate. We represent both local and out-of-state beneficiaries with their Florida probate issues. Our Florida probate services can be divided into the following areas:

  • Will Contests
  • Probate Administration
  • Trust Administration
  • Misuse of Powers of Attorney or Health Care Surrogate Designations
  • Enforcement of Rights to Collect a Spouse’s Elective Share
  • Distribution of Decedent’s assets in his or her individual name

If you have been named personal representative or beneficiary of a Florida estate and have questions about how to proceed, please call Attorney Clifford Hark at (561) 995-1800 or send us an e-mail for a free initial consultation. We handle Florida probate matters throughout the State.