Trust Administration, Boca Raton, FL

The preparation and use of a Trust is an estate planning method that allows a person to avoid probate administration of his or her assets, as well as to direct the investment and management of an individual’s estate, reduce the estate taxes paid, and to shield and protect a beneficiary’s assets from his or her creditors.

The attorneys of HARK │YON | MARMOR, PL have experience establishing many types of trusts, trust administration including the following types:

Living Trust, which holds assets for the lifetime benefit of the settlor, but allows a successor trustee to administer the assets upon the incapacity of the settlor, thereby avoiding the need to establish a guardianship.  A Living Trust also allows the Settlor’s assets to be distributed to the beneficiaries without the need of going through Probate.

Life Insurance Trust, which removes life insurance proceeds from the settlor’s taxable estate and allows the proceeds to be held and invested for the benefit and protection of the deceased’s beneficiaries.

Trust administration by the attorneys of HARK │YON | MARMOR, PL also assist its clients, who have been appointed as a trustee, in completing their administrative and fiduciary duties to the beneficiaries of their trusts.

To learn more about creating a Living Trust, Life Insurance Trust or other type of trust, or if you have questions regarding the administration of a trust, please e-mail or contact Clifford Hark at (561) 995-1800 for a free initial consultation.