Estate and Trust Administration

In handling Estate and Trust Administration, proper trust or estate administration requires gathering and recording assets, verifying that all necessary income and estate taxes are properly filed. Providing complete accounting records to the estate and trust beneficiaries is an important part of Estate and Trust Administration.

  • Prepare and file federal and state estate tax returns, personal income tax returns, and all fiduciary income tax returns required.
  • Prepare and file probate and administration petitions in Surrogate’s Court;
  • Submit with executors, trustees, and administrators mandatory reports to the court, prepare formal and informal accountings, resolve creditors’ claims, and distribute estate and trust assets to the named beneficiaries; and

Comprehensive estate administration and fiduciary services to trustees and executors are made available by Hark Legal. We work closely with legally certified financial advisers and other professionals who serve them. Hark Legal’s attorneys are fluent in the complexities of Florida probate laws, estate taxes. All issues that usually come about during trust and estate administration are addressed effectively and professionally.

When you are informed that you will need Estate and Trust Administration, you can rest assured that Hark Legal has the expertise to serve your needs.

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